Best Bat Houses

Getting the right one in a market with various options is an uphill task. That’s why we examined a brands to come up with this list of the top 10 Best Bat houses. Having undergone thorough testing, we hope that you’re going to find one of them impressive. Here is the Best Bat houses on Amazon

We spent 55 hours to find a best option for you is a Woodlink Audubon NABAT, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Bat houses available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Bat houses, then you should absolutely go for Applewood Outdoor Premium which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Bat houses.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Bat houses.

10 Best Bat Houses 2020

Best Bat Houses

1. Woodlink Audubon NABAT

Color:Light Brown Give the bats in your backyard a place to roost using the Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter With a single chamber large enough for 20 bats, this bat shelter is perfect for your small backyard colony The interior surface and landing platform are made of rough cedar and are grooved for clinging when roosting and landing .

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  • Interior surface and landing platform are made of rough cedar and are grooved for clinging when roosting and landing
  • Includes zinc plated deck screws and predrilled holes for mounting
  • Holds up to 20 bats
  • Hand crafted in usa

2. Applewood Outdoor Premium

Create a home for one of nature’s finest mosquito eliminators You may be frustrated with annoying mosquito bites, or you’re concerned with the severe decline in bat population Installing a bat house on your property will create a safe and lasting habitat for those little night time aerial acrobats, and is one of the most eco-friendly ways to control the mosquito population.

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  • Made in the usa designed and constructed in the usa of premium grade materials
  • Pre finished stained with a dark weather resisting finish. a dark colored shelter is attractive to bats they love being warm. perfect for most u.s. climates highly recommended in northern states to maximize heat absorption
  • Select grade pine we use only the best quality lumber. select grade pines straight grained properties ensure structural integrity and years of use in harsh outdoor conditions. this premium lumber is free of knots drastically reducing sap odor which may deter inhabitation
  • Ideal bat shelter our bat houses have ideal living conditions grooved interiors for bats to land and roost and narrow interior dimensions ensure a cozy environment conducive to heat retention
  • Satisfaction guaranteed we back our products with a money back guarantee

3. Looker Products Triple Chamber

This bat house will hold up to 300 mosquito eating bats! Bats can eat thier body weight in night-time insects in a single night! Control mosquitoes naturally with a bat house Looker Bat houses are built to the Organization for Bat Conservations specifications, which means they are 80% likely to attract bats, compared to smaller houses, which may only have up to a 10% chance of attracting bats.

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  • 80 success rate of attracting bats compared to the competition
  • Made with cedar and exterior grade plywood
  • Made in the usa by looker products
  • Mounting holes on top ready for mounting

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4. Looker Products Single Chamber

Songbird Essentials - OBC Bat Single Chamber Designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation, this bat house can accommodate up to 100 bats and is perfect for beginning your bat housing project! Features: Designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation Single Chamber Made of weather-resistant cedar and 3/4 inch exterior plywood back.

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  • Control mosquitoes naturally
  • Helps control mosquitoes naturally
  • Made in the usa
  • Made of weather resistant cedar and 34 inch exterior grade plywood while nylon mesh lined interior allows bats to maneuver around inside.
  • Holds up to 100 bats

5. Planted Perfect

MAKE MOSQUITOES DISAPPEAR We Love Batman - Bats Too! First, take wet soil and fill the base of the box Then, a few days later, take out the soil and set up the box Try to use real bat droppings if you can get them That way you will rid of the human scent that could stop the bats from moving to your shelter.

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  • Environmentally friendly looking after the planet is important to us which is why we make sure and use wood in our bat houses from sustainable sources
  • Sturdy and durable craftsmanship no cheap parts no compromises. just a solid homemade handcrafted cedar construction that lasts for years holding up to 360 freetail bats
  • Great for bats designed to attract bats of all types cave bats yuma bats brown bats...anything that fits the bat category
  • Easy placement simple instructions and hardware included a quick coat of stain and youll have it up in your back or front garden within an hour.

6. Evergreen Garden

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  • Eco friendly way for your garden to flourish nasty chemicals have no place in your garden oasis. instead help the friendly bat population survive. many bat species eat vast amounts of insects including some of the most damaging agricultural pests. mosquitoes are a particular favorite among bats some of which are said to eat up to 1200 mosquitoes in one hour that alone should be reason enough to put a bat house in your backyard.
  • Cuties not spooky most bats have very cute faces some even resemble deer rabbits and little chihuahuas these cuties help your flora flourish naturally by pollinating plants and taking care of nasty bugs during their nocturnal routine.
  • Pollination station these nocturnal creatures become active when the sun goes down and work magic in your garden during the night. they go after the nectar and bugs spreading pollen as they fly. many bat species eat vast amounts of insects including some of the most damaging agricultural pests.
  • Beautiful in any oasis the rustic look and unique bat shape cut out make this the perfect addition whether your taste is modern rustic farmhouse or industrial and as most bats can see just as well as humans they can appreciate this beautiful item too
  • Easy to use a great size ready to mount 9w x 5d x 13.5h fits in anywhere

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7. Kenley Outdoor Box

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  • Designed for bats this kenley bat house has been developed using available research on bat preferences and needs. the specially engineered interior and exterior perches make it easy for bats to land and roost. it is a large bat box with two chambers the external dimensions are 15x9.2x3.2.
  • Naturally weatherproof handcrafted from high quality cedar wood this kenley bat house will keep rain and snow out and will last years as cedar is naturally resistant to rot and decay. its also stained a dark color as bats associate this with warmth in cold climates and privacy.
  • Popular with bats when installed in bat territory the kenley bat shelter has an 80 chance of being occupied. this is far higher than single room models. the kenley bat house has a 2 room interior which forms a grooved and well spaced inside roosting area. in addition it has a rough platform and skerfs to make landing easy.
  • Easy to install this kenley bat house is shipped pre assembled which ensures a secure and dry habitat for the bats and an easy installation for you. a sturdy hanger hook lets you easily mount it on a pole tree or wall. mount about 8 12 feet 2.5 3.7m high in a sheltered spot with direct sunlight to attract local bats

8. Uncle Dunkels Triple Chamber

Large Triple Chamber Bat House Endorsed and Approved by The Org for Bat Conservation TOP FEATURES: -OBC ENDORSED-Our large triple chamber bat house is endorsed by the OBC as a safe, properly spaced, and effective bat nesting house A percentage of each sale goes directly to the OBC -HANDMADE USING TOP GRADE MATERIALS-Made with reclaimed tree bark, rust proof exterior screws, eastern hemlock, and exterior grade plywood.

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  • X2713handmade in the usa handmade in the usa by master craftsman using only the best all natural materials
  • X2713naturally attract bats most north american bats seek out loose tree bark for nesting in the wild our bat house perfectly mimics bats preffered nesting medium
  • X2713endorsed by the organization for bat conservation our design represents the highest standard for bat houses therefore our large triple chamber bat house was approved and endorsed by the obc
  • X2713large 300 bat capacity our bat house is large enough to handle up to 300 nested bats the perfect line of defense in all natural mosquito control
  • X271380 greater occupancy than non obc our obc endorsed bat houses are proven to have up to 80 greater occupancy than non obc bat houses our proper design naturally draws bats

9. Houseables Kit

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  • Your very own bat sanctuary with a dimension of 16 x 4 x 12 an interior surface and landing platform constructed from rough fir wood and grooved for better clinging while bats land and roost. the high quality fir wood can sustain long term bat occupancy as well as harsh weather elements without warping cracking or prematurely aging.
  • Choose your location carefully included with each house are zinc plated deck screws and predrilled holes for easy mounting. mount the bat house 10 15 feet high high enough to keep predators away underneath the eaves of a barn old building pole or a dying tree. you will want to choose a location that offers plenty of direct sunlight and a nearby water source. a single chamber will effectively contain up to 20 bats when properly mounted.
  • Bats prefer darker colors this bat sanctuary is unpainted. painting or staining your house black or a dark shade of brown with a nontoxic water based outdoor paint is recommended based on your geographical location. doing so will increase the temperature inside the house making it more desirable to bats for occupancy.
  • Cut the wait time ways to encourage bats to move into your bat house include spraying the house with bat attractant oil filling the bottom of the box with damp soil for a few days before mounting or by sprinkling small amounts of bat droppings from a nearby colony onto the base. all of these methods may help eliminate human scent that sometimes prevents colonization. be advised that it can take up to a year for bats to colonize.
  • A safe home for your pals our bat house kit will house your bats in a highly protected environment. its reliable build will remain sturdy as the bats come to and from their amazing new home.

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10. Belfry HaBATat

Belfry Premium Bat Houses - Solid Cedar Construction, Made in the USA The Belfry HaBATat gives up to 25 bats a perfect place to nest This high-quality, single chamber bat shelter is perfect for your small colony You may also choose to use several bat houses outdoor for even more beneficial bat inhabitants.

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  • all natural cedar bat box weather and decay resistant for years of use. this large bat house mounts quickly to house tree or pole with included screws. 18.25 x 12.75 x 4
  • specifically designed to attract bats grooved wood design creates an excellent clinging surface to make the perfect habitat for bats
  • shelters up to 25 bats perfect bat habitat for natural mosquito and outdoor pest control
  • made in usa these solid wood bat boxes are handcrafted with care in the texas hill country. no particle board. no plywood.
  • satisfaction guaranteed we know youll love these bat houses but if you dont well take it back no questions asked

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