Best Glucose Monitors For Pets

Check out our product review of the Best Glucose monitors for pets. We tried 10 models and can tell you the absolute best varieties. Here is the Best Glucose monitors for pets on Amazon

We spent 61 hours to find a best option for you is a Zoetis AlphaTRAK2, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Glucose monitors for pets available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Glucose monitors for pets, then you should absolutely go for Advocate PetTest which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Glucose monitors for pets.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Glucose monitors for pets.

6 Best Glucose Monitors For Pets 2020

Best Glucose Monitors For Pets

1. Zoetis AlphaTRAK2

Size:Pet Blood Glucose Kit AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit is the ideal solution to your pet's diabetic care needs The portable pet glucometer is calibrated for both cats and dogs and designed to provide accurate readings It features auto on/off option for faster testing and an easy-to-use three-step process that provides results in seconds.

  • Alibrated for dogs and cats to provide test results in seconds
  • Easy to use 3 step process delivers accurate results in seconds
  • Alphatrak patented technology requires the worlds smallest blood sample only 0.3 l micrometer
  • Can use capillary blood ensuring no venous puncture is needed
  • Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet

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2. Advocate PetTest

PETTEST BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR YOUR DOGS AND CATS Advocate PetTest is a system designed to aid in the treatment of Pet Diabetes Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian prior to starting new treatments Advocate makes no recommendations on treatment options and is solely a system for measuring Blood Glucose levels in dogs and cats.

  • Calibrated for dogs and cats
  • One button switch between dogs cats
  • Smallest sample size needed 0.3l
  • Test results in five 5 seconds
  • Extremely easy to use no coding required accurate precise results

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3. UltiCare VetRx iPet

The iPet Glucose Meter Kit from UltiCare is an easy and accurate way to measure blood glucose levels Designed for cats and dogs, it gives results in 8 seconds with a small (15 microliter) blood sample and has an easy to read LCD screen.

  • Contains 10 ipet test strips ipet blood glucose meter control solution 2 glucose chips lancing device 10 lancets battery carrying case manual
  • Designed specifically for your diabetic cat or dog
  • Requires a small sample size with results in just 8 seconds

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4. EverPaw Starter Kit

EverPaw blood glucose testing kit collaborates for dogs and cats  EverPaw blood glucose monitoring system conveniently tests blood glucose to regulate your pet’s diabetes You can perform a blood glucose test anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently This starter kit includes everything you need to test and monitor your dog or cats blood glucose levels.

  • Proven accuracy
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • For home and professional use

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5. FastaCare Pet

FastaCare Pet Blood Glucose Monitoring System - Starter Kit (For Veterinary Use Only - Cats/Dogs) Contains: 1 Meter, 1 Carrying Case, 1 NEW IMPROVED Lancing Device, 1 Control Solution, 10 pcs Test Strips, 10 pcs Sterile Lancets, 2 AAA Alkaline battery with User Manual and Insert Leaflets New - Meter displays results in mmol/L or mg/dl.

  • 1 meter 1 new improved lancing device 1 control solution 10 test strips 10 sterile lancets 2 aaa alkaline batteries carrying case with user manual.
  • New meter displays results in mmoll or mgdl.
  • Easy to use blood glucose test kit for dogs and cats requires very little blood
  • Accurate results with 5 seconds response time. 500 test memory with date and time.
  • For veterinary use only for monitoring of dogs and cats blood glucose as recommended by your veterinarian

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6. iPet PRO

25+ YEARS OF CARE: UltiCare continues to create products and medicines designed with care in mind Pets are more than just animals — pets are part of the family At UltiCare, we believe your family deserves the best care available That’s why we’ve spent 25+ years developing products designed to ease the burden of diseases like diabetes.

  • Designed to accurately measure blood glucose in dogs and cats.
  • Contains everything need to start measuring blood glucose.
  • Analyzes both venous and capillary blood samples.

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