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The choice of a Best Light meters is determined by the ease and convenience of use, your yard type and some personal preferences. One thing is certain – there is always a perfect Best Light meters for everyone. However, in-depth analysis of the types of Best Light meters is inevitable to make a choice you are going to be satisfied with. We’ve made the major part ourselves and sharing our observation here in this detailed of Top 10 Best Light meters. Here is the Best Light meters on Amazon

We spent 45 hours to find a best option for you is a Extech LT40 LED, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Light meters available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Light meters, then you should absolutely go for Sekonic 401 Twin Mate which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Light meters.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Light meters.

10 Best Light Meters 2020

Best Light Meters

1. Extech LT40 LED

Style:White LED Light Meter Extech Basic Accuracy 40-40,000 FC LED Light Meter.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Measures led and standard lighting
  • For white and color leds
  • Lux or foot candle units

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2. Sekonic 401 Twin Mate

Product Description The Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE compact light meter is small and stylish It?s the smallest light meter designed to combine incident and reflected light measurement and is ideal as the primary meter for the beginning or advanced photographer, as well as a backup meter for the pro From the Manufacturer The Sekonic L-208 TWINMATE is a palm-sized analog light meter for hand-held incident and reflected ambient light readings.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Only sekonic meters that are shipped by and sold by or other authorized sekonic dealers can ensure that you are receiving goods that have proper fcc communication and are covered by a usa warranty.the amazon offer may be seen to the right. grey market sekonic meters will not applicable for a us warranty.
  • Perfect for beginners or as a compact ambient backup meter
  • 30 seconds to 18000th f1.4 to f32 in half stop increments
  • Iso 12 to 12500 in half stop increments
  • Hold and read mode locks readings for 15 seconds allows for extended exposure evaluation time

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3. Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate

Style:L-308X-U Flashmate The pocket-sized Sekonic L-308X-U FLASHMATE is the smallest and lightest digital light meter in the Sekonic line-up Featuring dedicated modes for photography, cinematography and HD cinematography, plus the ability to switch from incident to reflected light the L-308X-U is the most versatile and affordable photo/cine meter in the market.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Exposures accurate down to a tenth of a stop for both ambient and electronic flash light readings in full stop mode.
  • At iso 100 the ambient ev range is 0 to 19.9 flash fstops range from f1.0 to f90.9 with a shutter speed span of 60 seconds to 18000th of a second 1 sec to 1500th for flash.
  • Photo mode for still image photographers featuring shutter or aperture priority display of a full range of ambient and flash functions including cord and cordless flash measurement
  • Hd cine mode perfect for dslr and mirrorless videographers who need to take exposure readings and control light using shutter speeds and frame rates
  • Cine mode designed for use with cinema grade cameras allows users to select from the most useful frame rates and shutter angles for exposure control with one tenth stop accuracy.

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4. General Tools UVA/UVB Digital

Style:280-400 nm From the Manufacturer This instrument is designed to measure ultraviolet light in the range from 280 to 400 nanometers The illumination range of the meter allows users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of ultraviolet radiation for radiometry and laboratory requirements, UV-curing in off-set printing, lamp UV intensity and aging, industrial process monitoring, semiconductor fabrication , sterilization and environmental monitoring.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Backlit lcd with four digit dual display with high and low measurements
  • Range in a unit mwcm2 or uwcm2 and automatic measuring
  • Low battery indicator
  • Over range indication and zero adjust
  • Includes certificate of traceable calibration

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5. Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U

Style:L-858D-U Sonic Speed master L-858D-U is the world's first multi-function, multi-brand wireless triggering light meter It is the first of its kind capable of measuring flash duration and brief flash bursts like you find from HSS (High Speed Sync) for precision flash control.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Flash duration measurements understanding flash duration is the first step in freezing fast moving subjects.
  • Radio control modules for wireless triggering the l 858 speedmaster pro expands upon ground breaking innovation by adding functionality for elinchrom skyport and phottix strato ii ares ii users
  • Increased light sensitivity an additional 3 stops of light sensitivity for incident light 2 stops for reflected light spot and an ability to capture a reading down 0.1 lx of illuminance
  • Hss flash measurements finally photographers now have an accurate way of measuring their lights when they want to overpower the sun or achieve a very shallow depth of field through using hss
  • Flash analyzing function measures ambient and flash simultaneously and automatically indicates the percentage of flash in the total exposure

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6. Extech HD450 Data Logging

Style:Datalogging  |  Configuration:Standard Amazoncom   Includes Windows software and USB cable (view larger) Offering automatic datalogging, the Extech HD450 light meter automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or manually store/recall up to 99 readings It features a large backlit LCD display with a 40-segment bar graph, has a wide range to 40,000Fc or 400,000 Lux, and reads cosine and color corrected measurements.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Automatically stores up to 16000 readings or manually storerecall up to 99 readings
  • Large backlit lcd display with 40 segment bar graph
  • Wide range to 40000fc or 400000 luxrelative mode indicates change in light levels
  • Peak mode 10s captures highest reading
  • Built in usb port includes software

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7. Illuminati Instruments IM100

Whether you are capturing moving images or still, metering the light in your scene provides the accuracy you need for correct exposure and white balance, and the consistency you need while editing multiple images from your sessions The Illuminati Light and Color Meter is the essential tool for that accuracy and consistency.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Wireless light and color meter readings delivered via bluetooth to your apple or android smartphone
  • Delivers accurate light and color temperature measurements for any light source including tungsten daylight led hmi fluorescent strobe and more
  • Measures exposure for still and video cameras color temperature illumination in lux
  • Supports multiple illuminati meters with one smartphone
  • Compatible with iphone se 5 and up. ios 9 and up. android os 6 7 8

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8. Extech EA33 EasyView

Style:With Memory  |  Configuration:Standard View larger EasyView Big Digit Light Meter with Memory This compact and ruggedly designed meter has a wide measurement range to 99,990 Foot Candles in five ranges and 999,990 Lux in five ranges with 0001 Fc/001 Lux resolution Comes with built-in stand, light sensor and protective cover with 36-inch (0.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Highest intensity light measurements up to 99990fc999900lux
  • Large lcd display with advanced illuminance functions and features
  • Wide measurement range to 99990fc 999900 lux with resolution of 0.001 fc and 0.01 lux
  • Luminous intensity candela calculations
  • Store and recall up to 50 measurements includes relative or real time clock stamp

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9. Kenko KFM-2200

The Kenko KFM-2200 is an exposure meter that incorporates both flash and spot metering functions into one compact unit The KFM-2200 can simultaneously display an exposure reading on the flash meter (for measuring incident light) and an exposure reading on the spot meter (for measuring reflected light).

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Kenko kfm 2200 cine and flash meter case strap kenko 1 year limited warranty
  • Measuring modes ambi mode ambient light
  • Cord mode flash using a sync cord
  • N cord mode flash without using a sync cord incident light only
  • Ambient light incident 2.0 to 19.9 ev

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10. Sekonic L-478D-U Litemaster Pro

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