Best Portable Headphone Amps

Everybody wants to get the best services without spending much money. However, it is not easy to choose a Best Portable headphone amps if you have not bought one in years. But there is no need for you to worry since we have compiled the perfect list of Top 10 Best Portable headphone amps for you. Have a look at our list and choose only the best one. Here is the Best Portable headphone amps on Amazon

We spent 62 hours to find a best option for you is a AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, which comes with amazing features you’ve never heard before. It is the Best Portable headphone amps available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big on Portable headphone amps, then you should absolutely go for Fiio A3 which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Portable headphone amps.

To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Portable headphone amps.

10 Best Portable Headphone Amps 2019

Best Portable Headphone Amps

1. AudioQuest Dragonfly Red

  • 32 bit sabre dac
  • 2.1v output drives almost any headphones
  • Works with apple and android devices when paired with a simple adapter
  • Plays everything from mp3s to 24 bit96khz high resolution files
  • This versatile dac improves everything detail transparency immediacy richness tone

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2. Fiio A3

Color:Black FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black).

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Suitable for headphones ranging from 16 to 150 ohms. gain switch for matching output to headphone power needs.
  • Superior sound quality through expertly selected components and design utilizing opa1642 preamp and ad8397 amp section.
  • Fully discrete bass boost circuit increases output by 3.5db at 60hz with bypass when off.
  • Handsome all aluminum body and chassis is sturdy and shielding against em interference.
  • 1400mah internal battery powers for up to 16 hours of use.

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3. EarStudio ES100

  • 24bit bluetooth receiver designed to deliver studio quality sound through your ears wireless using your existing wired headphones earphones or even speakers.
  • Dimension 1 x 2 x 0.5 inch weight 20g 14 hours of continuous playback dedicated app featured with 10 band eq and ambient mode usb audio playback device firmware update
  • Including 2 independent hi fi dacs and amplifiers asahi kasei ak4375a the optimal dual dacsamp design for both single ended and full differential outputs
  • Analog volume control allows to keep the optimal audio performance even at low volume level using programmable gain amplifier pga which is known for the best way to control the volume built in microphone supports answering calls while using earphones without a microphone
  • Max. output power no load 1.1v 3.2v peak to peak at 3.5mm unbalanced output 2.2v 6.4v peak to peak at 2.5mm balanced output output impedance approximately 1 ohm

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4. Hidizs Type C

  • hi fi lossless sound plug and play built in high resolution dac chip our portable dac amp fully enhance the sound quality of mobile phones while providing excellent headphone drive capability. ultra low power dissipation extend the playback time.
  • lowest noise hi res dac performance it improves the signal to noise ratio to 114db and the sound quality is improved 3 times than your ordinary mobile phones. delivers an thdn down to 114db for you to enjoy matchless hifi sound and maintain original sound quality of headphone.
  • hi res audio output capability hidizs sonata hd dac cable passed the hi res certification. its dac chip helps your mobile phones achieve 24bit192khz hi res output capability.
  • ultra portable durable dac with lightweight design you can put our hi fi headphone cable anytime anywhere. pure quad core copper wire precision construction and quality materials let the hidizs sonata hd cable provides wide frequency and high resolution sound.
  • great compatibility satisfactory guarantee a perfect audio solution for all your type c phones laptops macbook speakers like google pixel 33 xl22 xl htc u 11htc u ultra essential phone lg xiaomi mi mix 2 and more usb c devices. compatible with windowsmacosxandroid system. iphoneipod excluded 6 months warranty and 24 hours friendly customer service.

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5. NextDrive Spectra X

  • Premium quality dac enjoy matchless portable hi fi sound from ess technologys sabre 9018q2c
  • Rave reviews professional reviews around the web praise its price size soundstage and great sound across bass mids and treble
  • Note ios 12.1 introduces an update that may not be compatible with spectra spectra x. iphone users may experience issues with the device. great compatibility usb and usb c versions available for plug and play connections to windows mac linux and android ios devices must purchase usb a version and apple usb 3 adapter or lightning adapter camera kit usb c is not compatible with ios devices
  • Ultra portable no batteries and slim design lets you connect to your smartphone or tablet and take it anywhere adapter may be required sold separately
  • Hi res audio supports pcm audio files up to 32 bits 384 khz and dsd up to quad rate 11.2 mhz

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6. Topping NX4

TOPPING NX4 DSD Portable Audio Amplifier Headphone Earphone, HIFI Digital Stereo Audio AMP for iPhone, Ultra Slim with USB DAC Port, Gain Mega Bass Set, 100% Compatible with IOS, Black.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Nx4 dsd frequency response range is 20 100khz which is far more than cd quality and hi res audios requirements.well deserved to get the japanese hi res audio certification.
  • Nx4 dsd headphone amplifier decoder topping nx4 dsd xmos xu208 dac es9038q2m chip portable headphone amplifier decoder
  • Cd sound quality can reach 20 20khz frequency response range and hi res audio standard requirements 20 40khz frequency response range.
  • Nx4 dsd provides 28 hours playback time for headphone amp and 7.5 hours playback time for usb dac headphone amp. suitable headphone impedance16 300
  • You can play almost all kinds of audio source because nx4 dsd is compatible with 32bit768khzdsd256dop and dsd512native.

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7. Sony PHA1A

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Easily connect to your portable digital music device or PC via USB input to enjoy powerful, pintsize Hi-Res audio performance on the go The PHA-1A supports audio file formats up to 192kHz/24-bit The Hi-Res DAC and amplifier circuitry complete with lithium-ion battery ensure you make the most of your music wherever you go.

  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability and use hi res audio dacamplifier supports up to pcm 192khz24 bit direct digital connection for smartphones dmps ios devices and pcs solid sound wolfson dac wseparate operational headphone amps
  • Sleek and durable aluminum enclosure for dependable performance built in lithium ion battery for up to 6 hours battery life charge the pha 1a and a walkman while listening requires cable sold separately
  • Selectable gain supports headphone impedance from 8 to 600 ohm includes micro usb and digital cables for walkman and xperia securely fasten portable devices with included silicone belts x2

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8. SMSL Idea

SMSL iDEA Hifi portable usb DAC built-in high quality headphone amplifier, uses the latest advanced second generation XMOS USB Audio solution XCore200XU208, supports up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and Native DSD512(225792MHZ), which is very advanced in audio range Using ESS SABRE9018Q2C as DAC chip, ultra-high dynamic range and ultra-low THD+N DAC, with built-in high quality headphone amplifier.

  • Using the latest vadvanced second generation xmos usb audio solution xcore200xu208 supports up to pcm 32bit768khz and native dsd51222.5792mhz
  • Using ess sabre9018q2c as dac chip ultra high dynamic range and ultra low thdn dac with built in high quality headphone amplifier
  • Using ultra low noise power supply ldo for the best performancelow phase noise and low clock jitter pll from silcon labs
  • Ultra low power consuption design for most of mobile phonescompatible to work with headphoneamplifier and active speaker
  • Featured with function of volume control for dsd files which is the first model can achieve that in this not have to set volume in computer or phone volume button in the set itself

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9. Apogee Groove

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    10. Fiio Q5

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